AltaRoma AltaModa Event!

This week, the RedcycleLab Team attended AltaRoma AltaModa! This event is held by AltaRoma and is essentially Rome’s fashion week. The fashion weeks occurs in January and July, and brings together italian fashion houses as well as international houses.altaromaaltamoda

We decided to attend ethical fashion event that was a collaboration between AltaRoma and Ethical Fashion Initiative. There were four different designers that showed their collections in this one: Duaba Serwa, Mina Evans, and special guest Lisa Folawiyo, and special project Stella Jean. These designers were showcasing african influences along with lots of pattern and color. We loved the heavy usage of accessories and billowy fabrics.

Stella Jean ss 2015

Stella Jean collection

Duaba Serwa is a brand that uses lots of detail in their garments, creating an extravagant and bold product. Evans uses luxurious fabrics, including the traditional local West African fabric Ankara, and focuses on intricate embellishments to add femininity. Special guest Lisa Folawiyo also uses Ankara, the african fabric, and excels at that with ornate embellishments. This designers has captured global attention because of her ability to merge fitted, feminine silhouettes with a traditional African twist. The embellishments are applied by hand, and can take up to 120 hours. Special project Stella Jean focuses on Creole culture, and we saw a lot of color and pattern in this collection shown. This designer has blended the new and the old to create a multicultural collection we saw at the show. This particular show was centered around the project Ethical Fashion, focusing on social responsibility to promote ethical consumption. This, in turn, will hopefully help alleviate poverty within Third World countries. We really enjoyed seeing the cultural mix of fashion and an even better time knowing that it was for a great cause!

**Here are a few of our favorite looks from AltaRoma AltaModa**:

Lisa Folawiyo

Lisa Folawiyo collection


Duaba Serwa design

photo 1 photo%201 photo 3 photo 2

Mina Evans

Mina Evans collection

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Welcome Mary!

L’estate è alle porte, il 15 giugno è sempre più vicino e noi di Re(d)cycleLab abbiamo una grande novità! La scorsa settimana ci ha finalmente raggiunte Mary dalla Florida! La nostra giovane collaboratrice studia “Retail Merchandising and Product Development” alla Florida State University. Sarà un’ottima occasione di scambio ed insieme lavoreremo a nuovi progetti. Presto vi sveleremo cosa stiamo architettando!

Durante il periodo a Roma racconterà la sua esperienza attraverso un blog: qui potete trovare il primo articolo su di noi!

Nel frattempo, vi lasciamo immaginare le nostre lezioni di cucito colorate da tentativi, spesso rocamboleschi,  di traduzione in inglese!!!


Working sewing lesson Sewing lesson 2Immagine